We Work for the people

Teamwork is a powerful bonding agent that brings us together and motivates us to rely on one another and achieve incredible goals. It makes progress easier, allowing our group to overcome obstacles that would impede a lone individual. Teamwork powers missions bigger than any one of us can dream.

What WE Will Fight For


Our economic focus is increasing high paying jobs, reducing bureaucratic red tape, and supporting small and medium sized local businesses. Small and medium sized businesses are the life blood of our economy, they are always neglected, overtaxed, and underserved.

Tax Dollars

We believe that your hard-earned tax dollars should be managed just like you manage your bank account-judiciously, carefully, and with the future in mind.

Term Limits

It’s time that Politics goes back to being a public service, and not a lifelong vocation. We will ensure that fair term limits are enacted at both the Municipal and Provincial levels, a common sense rule that everyone agrees is needed. We are not here for a pension, or lifelong job, we are here to get the job done.

Call to Action

Let’s prioritize fixing inefficient Provincial and Municipal politics, timelines, and eliminating their wasteful, cascading effects. This will be the first and most significant step in providing affordable housing. We have a supply and demand imbalance solely caused by the Municipalities.

Student Housing

We will ensure every University student has access to affordable on campus housing regardless of semester. Student Housing will no longer be reserved for first year students only. This will also free up much needed off campus rental housing for non-student demographics.

Common Sense Decisions

Common sense projects such as new bridges, roads, or rapid transit won’t be stuck in studies and report writing for years, nor will they be designed to be obsolete by the time they are built.

Raw Resources

We can ensure more of our raw resources aren’t simply extracted and exported but extracted with value added at home, creating jobs and economic prosperity where it counts most.

Expanding BC’s Tech Industry

BC is ready to be established as a leader in the technology sector. This will start through empowering and supporting educators at all levels, and through providing more research and development opportunities at post-secondary institutions. Let’s make it happen.


It’s past time to hold big businesses accountable for rampant price inflation, price gouging and other predatory practices that hurt the economy, individuals, and families.

Climate Change

It’s time that BC becomes the Global Leader in fighting the existential crisis of Climate Change through immediate and comprehensive action, and our province is primed to take the lead as the Green Business capital of the world.

Preserving all Old Growth Forests

We will stop old-growth logging day one across BC, while unequivocally supporting non-old growth logging as a critical means to preserving all old growth forests and protecting a critical industry.

Health Care

Our healthcare system needs real change to improve service and reduce wait times. This includes increasing class space to train more Nurses and Doctors; decreasing barriers for out of country health care practitioners to move and work here; empowering LPN’s to work to the top of their capabilities; and enabling RN’s to perform some advanced medical duties.

Mental Health and Addiction

Real, evidenced-based solutions to homelessness, mental health, and addiction challenges will result in visible change for citizens and businesses in our cities and communities.

Uniting BC

We can work in a collaborative, bi-partisan manner to bridge the divide currently plaguing politics on both sides of the political spectrum and make life better for everyone regardless of political affiliation.

Experienced, Honest & Successful

Graduated from the school of life

10 years in the construction industry working in drywall and roofing

40 years in Real Estate Development, building thousands of homes, supporting thousands of trades, and generating hundreds of millions in economic prosperity for B.C.

Extensive experience working in a collaborative bi partisan manner with community groups, city planners and civic politicians to get projects approved and built

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