08 January 2022 Newsletter 8
What is Common Sense Government?

Recently, during an online forum, a young member of the party asked me a particularly important question: how do I define common sense Government and what are the impacts of a common sense Government on the citizens of this Province?

I come from a free-enterprise career where you cannot survive unless you make smart, common sense decisions.

Below are some examples of critical issues that can easily be resolved with common sense decisions and action:

  • The Massey Tunnel replacement is still not built. How long has this been discussed?
  • Taylor Bridge, the gateway to the North, needs to be replaced, yet nothing is being done. Within the first year of being elected Premier, I will start work on the Massey Tunnel and Taylor Bridge replacements with on the ground results.
  • Common sense is not taking nine months or longer to approve a building permit for a simple garage in Vancouver, or over three years to determine a development approval outcome.
  • Common sense is providing affordable on-campus housing to all university students regardless of semester. The land is there, yet nothing happens year after year.
  • Why is there not mass transit to UBC yet? Why does Vancouver and the lower mainland still not have a comprehensive high speed mass transit system?
  • Why are Gyms closed because of the pandemic, but sporting arenas, movie theatres and malls are allowed to remain open? This is not common sense.
  • We are experiencing extreme shortages of nurses and doctors? However, the available seats at Universities have not increased materially, despite everyone knowing that we need more healthcare providers. Why are non-union companies prohibited from bidding on Government jobs? Common sense is equal opportunity for all British Columbians.
  • Schools, bridges, roads, and hospitals are being built to barely handle maximum capacity on day one. We need to be planning 50 years ahead for large-scale projects, allowing them to accommodate our growth and expansion without needing upgrades.
  • Common sense solutions backed by a broad spectrum of BC residents mean term limits at all political levels.

These are just some examples of what common sense Government means to me. Interestingly, tangible examples of policy and action are hard to come by in these elections, another point to why I am different from the rest of the candidates running. We need a bold, innovative approach, and a new style of leadership to defeat John Horgan and the NDP in the next election.

We do not need to be sitting in studies and red tape for years on end without any progress. Collaborating efficiently, finding the best course of action, then getting it done is common sense Government.


Stan Sipos
BC Liberal Leadership Candidate

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05 January 2022 Newsletter 7
Questions We All Need to Consider

At this stage in the race with only one month to go, how do we evaluate our candidates? The BC Liberal Leader that is elected needs to bring meaningful change to how Government works in order to win the next BC General Election, period.

Here are some questions we urge you to think about:

  • What skills and attributes do you believe a person needs to have in order to bring meaningful change to the BC Liberal Party and defeat John Horgan in the next General Election?
  • What is it about the NDP that has caused them to gain so much support over the last few years? What do they offer that resonates and how have they delivered?
  • How and why were previously elected Leaders in BC successful? What did they do to inspire the electorate and bring positive change?
  • Why has the BC Liberal Party lost the last two General Elections? What causes the loss of popular support?
  • Why are more and more people becoming disillusioned with Government and lifelong politicians? Are past and present politicians going to implement meaningful change?
  • How do we connect with people across all regions of BC and across all education and economic spectrums in the next General Election?
  • What is more relevant, free enterprise business experience, non-profit experience, or Government experience?
  • How do we Grow our Economy? Fix Healthcare? Affordable Housing? Climate change?
  • What do you believe the role of Government should be for the people of the Province?
  • How do you create a Government that serves a greater majority of all British Columbians?

These are important questions that everyone should be asking because the answers matter. The future of this Province is at stake.

Our Provincial Government is the biggest business in this Province. How it functions, how it spends your money, and how it provides efficient and reliable services to the people of BC is critical. What type of Leader and what Leadership skills and experience are needed to best run this business?

We look forward to hearing your comments, so please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

If you are looking for meaningful change, please help us get this message out by donating here. We appreciate your help and support.


Stan Sipos
BC Liberal Party Leadership Candidate

31 December 2021 Newsletter 6

29 December 2021 Newsletter 5
Our Time for Bold Change

From The People, For The People

Our Time for Bold Change

Free enterprise is the heartbeat and lifeblood of our Province and our Country. How has socialism worked out in every other global example? It hasn’t. Only the Government benefits from socialism; this is why they are hiring more and more employees. How hard are they trying to boost our free enterprise economy, the small and medium-sized businesses, the revenue generators of our Province? Both our social and economic programs have so much room for improvement, one should not have to be sacrificed for the other. We should be creating opportunities for everyone and standing out as an example for the rest of the country to follow.

Where is our voice and why have we become so complacent? We are allowing the NDP to benefit from our silence. A significant portion of NDP supporters also do not support the current NDP Leadership’s direction. We are all complicit if we do not voice our resistance to the social and economic division the current Government is causing with their “Save the Province” rhetoric.

The current Government is sending out fund-raising messages about how they are saving healthcare, building thousands of affordable homes, and solving the homeless and addictions crisis, just to name a few. This is the reality:

  • Healthcare is on the verge of collapse
  • No common sense surrounding COVID restrictions and lockdowns
  • Affordable homes are a myth
  • The Homelessness and Addictions crisis is getting worse and worse
  • Old Growth Forests continue to be cut down
  • Our Election Boundaries are under threat
  • Non-Union workers are getting kicked to the curb
  • And small and medium sized businesses are getting crushed while wrapped in bureaucracy and red tape

The current Government is now in its second term in office. Any checks and balances partially in place with a minority Government are now a distant memory. The money pouring out of the Finance department looks like Niagara Falls, as reported by some long-time employees. Think of the untold damage our children and the future generations to come are going to face if we continue to sit idly by.

I believe we need a new blueprint and a bold new vision to hold Government accountable.

We are entering the final weeks of one of the most important elections our B.C. Liberal Party has faced. Our Province and Democracy are facing an existential threat, make no mistake about it. It is critical that all of our party stakeholders think about who will actually bring change that matters. Should it be the same old shrug of the shoulders thinking nothing will change regardless who’s behind the wheel? No, it matters and British Columbia’s future is at stake.

Think of all the times you have thought things could be done in a better way, now is that time, and it is why I have entered this race. Having common sense Government is a right everyone should have. If we take this bold new step together, we can bring meaningful change so our children and the next generations can continue to embrace and pursue their dreams for a brighter future.

With little more than a month to go, if my message resonates with you, help us ensure we can get it to the rest of our Party by Donating Here

Go to to see our platform. And please remember to mark January 18th in your calendar for the final live, televised debate.


Stan Sipos
B.C. Liberal Leadership Candidate

23 December 2021 Newsletter 4
A Time To Come Together

Happy Holidays Everybody,

I am starting to get more comfortable on this journey so I thought I would send out a personal letter. One of the biggest discussions lately has been the incredible disruptions many British Columbians are facing at present. We have faced challenge after challenge, from the seemingly never-ending pandemic to the many natural disasters destroying our communities. These disruptions are occurring with greater frequency than what we are prepared for, forcing us to question if this will be our new normal.

There is no way we can fully quantify the far-reaching effects of the communities most devastated this past year. Lytton, Merritt, Abbotsford and Fraser Valley, to name a few, experienced so much destruction. One can never fully imagine how this feels unless you have personally experienced such a thing. The trauma of having to evacuate and leave behind all your belongings, your home, and your life, is truly unimaginable.

Once again, we have entered another COVID wave with tight restrictions, crushing hope for so many of us. Another holiday season where families might not be reunited, important surgeries are cancelled, and small businesses suffer through their busiest season. Our healthcare workers are being asked or expected to go above and beyond without the necessary help, resources, or fair compensation. The whole situation continues to feel futile.

Usually, this is a time for celebration, a time to spend with our loved ones, a time for passing a good thought or message to our Neighbours, and a time for giving back to our communities. We can get through this if we come together and remember what is most important.

I have experienced some dark moments in my life, getting through one day at a time, trying to find happiness, faith, or whatever it takes to survive. What I've learned is that slowly, sunlight always returns. December 21st was our shortest day of the year; every day will now get lighter and lighter. All this chaos will one day be a memory. With one good thought and one good wish to everyone, we can all help each other see the sunshine return.

From my family to yours, wishing you all the best for the holidays and the New Year to come.



Stan Sipos
B.C. Liberal Leadership Candidate


21 December 2021 Newsletter 3
This is How We Win the Next General Election

This is How We Win the Next General Election

The single most important consideration we have in this upcoming leadership race is determining who has what it takes to defeat the NDP and win a legislative majority. If we learned anything from our last two defeats, British Columbians are tired of life-long politicians and the old Liberal guard. We need bold ideas, fresh faces, and, most importantly, a connection with the masses. Through conversations with many of our B.C. Liberal constituents, people say they will not vote for or support the same old B.C. Liberal Party politics. Times are changing, and people are no longer interested in the status quo. We need someone who has walked in everyone's shoes, who understands working long, hard days for a paycheck, the importance, and challenges in making payroll, and someone who can go toe to toe with John Horgan and defeat him on every point. I am that candidate.

I will bring common sense back to this Province and back to politics. Politics and Bureaucracy have gone out of control. Governments and elected officials have forgotten what they are supposed to do, which is serve the people. I am not here for the pension or to further my career. I am here to do one thing: get the job done. For too long, career politicians have been running things into the ground. It's time we make a change. I do not want to further divide our society or our parties. We need to come together because the issues we face today are not experienced by just one side; they affect us all.

I am not a politician; I will set Term Limits because politicians are supposed to serve the people, make positive change, then get out. Two or three terms should be more than enough to make change without having to worry that they need to be re-elected time and time again. No more career politicians collecting comfortable pay-cheques and secure pensions; losing sight of what their role is supposed to be. Enough is enough. I will kick the barn door down and bring about the change this Province badly needs.

I have a strong understanding of what it takes to build Housing and where the roadblocks are. We will have thousands of homes under construction by our second year in office. I understand the bottlenecks causing many of our housing issues, and I know what it takes to collaborate with Municipalities and Communities to overcome these issues. Most importantly, however, we cannot keep blaming someone else; this is not just the NDP's fault. The reality is that hard-working British Columbians cannot buy a home. This needs to change, and I will change this.

Climate change is undeniable, causing catastrophic damage across our Province, season after season. Why have we not taken bold action to mitigate these issues, address our crumbling infrastructure, and turn things around? We need to do everything we can to become the Green Leaders of Canada. We do not need to compromise our economy to develop clean solutions for all industries. Investing in research and technology is the first step in finding innovative ideas and solutions that will bring a world of change to our Province.

I know these may sound like hollow words; however, in 1969, we put a person on the moon. Why is it not possible that British Columbia, with all its incredible citizens, cannot become a global leader in green solutions, education, and jobs? We need to become the role model for the world to see what is possible when we all come together and work as a team. We have it in us; each one of us can dream and believe in the impossible. It's not an either-or decision; we can grow our economy like never before while taking bold action on climate change. This is what I see as our new vision. Fresh and common-sense ideas.

Healthcare is another system on the verge of collapse. My wife is a doctor, and we discuss this daily; our healthcare professionals discuss this too and have provided solutions and recommendations, yet no one listens or acts. They continue to be expected to work in unsafe environments with inadequate support, and they are leaving in staggering numbers. Administration, however, now takes up over 50% of our health care system. What is Government doing? Virtually nothing, just trying to deflect and make excuses. We will listen and collaborate with all healthcare workers to bring immediate change. Our healthcare system needs to be one where people are proud to work in and where our citizens can get the care they deserve. This barn door is also getting kicked down, and the administration is going to get back in line.

The many members of the NDP, who are hard-working British Columbians, are not the enemy. They are a voice that needs to be heard and accommodated in our party because every voice counts. We cannot just serve 37% of our population and forget about the remaining 63%. If we continue along with politics, as usual, we will never win successive Majority Governments again. Winning a Majority Government is our mandate, and this is what I am here to do.

The single most important consideration is picking a Leader who can win the next General Election and who has the policies and vision to get us there. I am that candidate. I cannot do this alone; I am just one person. If we walk together on this journey, what we can accomplish is limitless.

​Thank you, and Happy Holidays,

Stan Sipos

14 December 2021 Newsletter 2
We Need Leadership

From The People, For The People

We need strong leadership to defeat the NDP in the next General Election. We cannot afford another term of NDP rule. Our policies and vision will win the next BC General Election by uniting the province and winning a comprehensive majority. Some of our most widely agreed-upon policies are below:


We will focus on strengthening small and medium-sized local businesses across our Province. All too often, the Government saddles them with copious red tape, bureaucratic roadblocks, ever-climbing taxation, and policies that place them second fiddle to the large international conglomerates who take all their profit out of our Province. This will change under our watch.

Tax Dollars

We believe that your hard-earned tax dollars should be managed just like you manage your bank account judiciously, carefully, and with the future in mind. We come from a life of balancing budgets, making payroll, and understanding the importance of watching every dollar.

Common Sense Decisions

Everyone agrees our infrastructure is in a state of crisis. Yet year after year, all our Politicians do is talk, order studies, and find reasons why we can’t get things built. We will get large projects started quickly, cutting through the red tape and multi-year approvals process currently stopping common sense projects across BC such as new bridges, roads, and other critical infrastructure. We will also ensure they are designed for the next Century and not just the next Decade. Infrastructure is the lifeblood of our economy, without it, we cannot grow, and the costs of not building better infrastructure vastly outweighs the costs of building it…

Call To Action

Let’s prioritize fixing inefficient municipal politics and their cascading side effects into all facets of everyday life. We cannot be afraid to use our Provincial power to mandate faster civic approvals timelines, smarter expenditure of taxpayer dollars, and blanket rezoning’s on day one where we all agree density is needed. We are in a housing crisis, every year the growth in population vastly outpaces the increase in housing, this leads to one thing, price increases. We will ensure enough housing units are built to keep up with population growth, enabling us to provide affordable housing across BC.

Please visit to see more of our platform and support us in winning this Leadership race and the next BC General Election.

Thank you,

Stan Sipos Campaign

08 December 2021 Newsletter 1
Meet Stan Sipos

Introducing Stan Sipos for B.C. Liberal Leadership:

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